• What is an advanced holistic nutritionist?

    An advanced holistic nutritionist is someone educated in alternative and complementary healing modalities, known collectively as holistic medicine or holistic health with a specialty focus on building knowledge of various kinds of therapeutic nutrition.  Rockwell graduates assess the whole person, create long-term health solutions, and educate the masses on preventative care, helping heal the world one human at a time.

  • Legalities for Dietitians

    Each state within the USA has its own laws regarding whether or not you can legally give individual nutritional advice or counseling. Although laws change frequently, the last time we checked, there were about 23 states which require licensing, so please verify the laws within your state or country. Be aware that in a state where there is a need for dietitian license, an unlicensed nutritionist or other health professionals will not be able to offer one-on-one nutritional counseling which consists of a vitamin-mineral and dietary assessment. Instead, we act as health coaches. The knowledge gained in this course should be incorporated to explore diet with clients, discuss what your diet is, diet trends, overall nutrition, and the benefits of predictive medicine through genetic testing. The AHND program is an invaluable asset to your own personal knowledge —and it will assist you probably more than any other of our programs in helping others, truly. Nutrition is the root cause of almost all that ails us. 

  • Professional Designation & Title

    Students who complete this program may use the professional designation of Advanced Holistic Nutritionist (AHN) or Advanced Holistic Nutrition Doctor (ANHD), whichever title is preferred.