General F.A.Q. & Contact Information

Have a question or need help? Below are our most commonly asked question. Please take a moment to look for the answer to your question.

  • What is Rockwell?

    We are a distance-learning provider of slightly rebellious, off the beaten path natural health programs that you won't find at your local university or community college.

  • Do you have a campus?

    We currently do not have a campus, but we are considering opening one where students and graduates can gather for yearly clinicals and local residents can attend classes and workshops. 

  • What do Rockwell grads do?

    Our role is to help others heal themselves, one human at a time by providing specialized knowledge on their journey to wellness.

  • How can I learn more about your programs?

    Each program has its own page and fact sheet below. Please read through the program FAQ for information on our programs, board certification, accreditation, and tuition.